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iPhone iPhone XR
iPhone iPhone XR

Super easy to use

Yord is Instagram for video sales. Simple. Friendly. Mobile first. All you need is to take a phone, shoot videos and set the price. Then, share the link via your audience and get money straight on the card. You can use your laptop as well.

How many clients do you have?

You will have more! The issue is that when you upload a video on Yord it can be seen not only by your current followers or clients but by the all Yord users who came from other authors. Here is the chance to enlarge your audience.

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Be closer to your viewer

Use short and free videos to talk to your potential customers and explain the value of your product. Add special links that lead to your paid albums. Enjoy the result.

Monetize the audience. Not soil it

The world is enough with advertisement. Yord is the place where viewers will get clear knowledges and great emotions but not ads. Hurry to notify the fans.


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