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Viewers get top-quality videos with no ads. Creators earn 10x more than from advertising income. Premium shows from popular bloggers, useful webinars, exclusive interviews and unique masterclasses at one place
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    Yord is a paid video platform and requires monthly subscription that costs $12. Register now to get one week free trial and feel the magic.

  • Premium Content

    Yord is more profitable than other platforms. That will attract top creators to upload the coolest videos. From new level shows to unique masterclasses.

  • No Ads and Bots

    Yord is a service with no ads at all. Moreover, keeping bots in Yord is too expensive, so you will not see any cheated likes and fake comments.

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System of Invites that lets you earn

An ultimate solution for content creators and ordinary users. Invite people to Yord and earn monthly income for each one
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Why do I need Yord?

To begin with, Yord is a beautiful and super clean video platform with no ads, bots, cheated likes and fake comments. Then, Yord contains only high-quality content that you won’t find on YouTube and similar services. In the end, you can earn stable monthly income by inviting your friends to Yord.

You earn $4 from a person A (the one you invite personally). You also earn $1 from a person B (the one who was invited by a person A). Finally, you earn $0.5 from a person C (the one who was invited by a person B). For example, if you invite 5 friends and all people from your lines B and C also invite per 5 (5-5-5), you will get $120 straight on your card every month. Learn more.

Yord Platform Ltd is a UK company that works within the frameworks of international law. Yord System of Invites is absolutely legal in every country and formally is an ordinary affiliate program that is used by thousands of companies.

In Yord referrals earn only from 3 lines (A, B, C) and no more. These lines are built in economics of each subscription (4+1.5+0.5 = $6). So, $6 from every user’s subscription goes to System of Invites. Everything is clear and 100% legal.

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